Move apt-cacher-ng from Synology Virtual Machine to Synology Docker

In this video, I transfer apt-cacher-ng cache data from a virtual machine on a Synology NAS to a Docker container on a Synology NAS. Ubuntu apt-cacher-ng Package Cache Install and Setup: Installing apt-cacher-ng on Synology Docker: Synology Playlist:

Accessing exFAT on Synology NAS for Free using VM

In this video I go over a technique to mount an exFAT formatted flash drive and a Synology NAS share in an Ubuntu virtual machine so files can be copied between the two directories. Installing Ubuntu (Mini) on Synology Virtual Machine Manager: Access Files (using SMB) on the Synology NAS from a Virtual Machine […]

Installing apt-cacher-ng on Synology Docker

Apt Package Caching using apt-cacher-ng on a Raspberry Pi: Using apt-cacher-ng During an Ubuntu Graphical Install: Ubuntu apt-cacher-ng Package Cache Install and Setup: Synology Playlist:¬† Docker Hub Page Notes Volume:File/Folder: apt-cacher-ngMount path: /var/cache/apt-cacher-ng Port Settings:Local Port: 3142Container Port: 3142Type: tcp apt-cacher-ng Web Interface Configure Client Type control-o to save, control-x to […]