Accessing exFAT on Synology NAS for Free using VM

In this video I go over a technique to mount an exFAT formatted flash drive and a Synology NAS share in an Ubuntu virtual machine so files can be copied between the two directories.

Installing Ubuntu (Mini) on Synology Virtual Machine Manager:

Access Files (using SMB) on the Synology NAS from a Virtual Machine on the Synology NAS:

Synology Playlist:

List Partitions
sudo fdisk -l
Create Flash Drive Mount Point
sudo mkdir /media/flashdrive
Install exFAT Software
sudo apt install exfat-fuse exfat-utils
Mount Flash Drive
sudo mount -t auto /dev/sdxX /media/flashdrive
Create Synology NAS Share Mount Point
sudo mkdir /mnt/ShareName
Install CIFS Software
sudo apt install cifs-utils
Mount Synology NAS Share
sudo mount.cifs -o user=username,uid=userid,gid=groupid //ip_address_of_nas/ShareName/ /mnt/ShareName
Copy File from NAS to exFAT Flash Drive
cp /mnt/ShareName/filename.ext /media/flashdrive
Copy File from exFAT Flash Drive to NAS
cp /media/flashdrive/filename.ext /mnt/ShareName
Copy Files Recursively
cp -r source destination

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