4 Ways to Enable an SSH Server on a Raspberry Pi

In this video I take a look at 4 ways to enable an SSH Server on a Raspberry Pi. This would allow you to connect to a Raspberry Pi from another computer using SSH. This also allows you to copy files from a computer to the Raspberry Pi using scp.

Create an Empty ssh File on the Boot Partition (on a Raspberry Pi)
sudo touch /boot/ssh
Reboot Raspberry Pi
systemctl reboot
Open Raspberry Pi Software Configuration Tool
sudo raspi-config
Check for sshd Process
ps ax | grep 'ssh'
Enable SSH Server on Boot
sudo systemctl enable ssh
Start SSH Server
sudo systemctl enable ssh
Stop SSH Server
sudo systemctl stop ssh
Disable SSH Server on Boot
sudo systemctl disable ssh
View Status of SSH Service
sudo systemctl status ssh
SSH to the Raspberry Pi while on the Raspberry Pi
ssh localhost
SSH to the Raspberry Pi from other Machine
ssh pi@raspberrypi.local


ssh pi@ip_address_of_pi
Install OpenSSH Server (if needed)
sudo apt install openssh-server

Mac: Converting APFS to APFS Encrypted

In this video, I go over the procedure to convert an APFS formatted drive to APFS Encrypted.

Mac Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLErU2HjQZ_ZPxkWT9rjYcF–ZSivANTkb

Samsung BAR Plus USB 3.1 Flash Drive 128GB - 300MB/s (MUF-128BE3/AM) - Champagne Silver (Amazon Affiliate)
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You should be able to purchase the 32GB version at those same links.

List Disks and View Partitions
diskutil list
Encrypt Partition
sudo diskutil apfs encryptvolume disk7s1 -user disk
Decrypt Partition
sudo diskutil apfs decryptvolume disk7s1 -user disk
Display APFS Objects to View Status
diskutil apfs list
Container ID Example
View Specific Container
diskutil apfs list 1A38BC86-41D3-459E-B2A8-296B05CCEF2F
Clear Screen and View Specific Container
clear; diskutil apfs list 1A38BC86-41D3-459E-B2A8-296B05CCEF2F

Replacing the Battery in an iPhone 6s

2580mAh Battery for iPhone 6s including tool kit (Amazon Affiliate)
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Apsung 110 in 1 Precision Screwdriver Set (Amazon Affiliate)
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FFmpeg: Extract Audio from Video, Edit and Reinsert

FFmpeg notes (including FFmpeg install): https://www.rickmakes.com/ffmpeg-notes/

FFmpeg playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLErU2HjQZ_ZOPDZ71Khzt5PX4X4j6flkg

FFmpeg mapping inputs to outputs: https://trac.ffmpeg.org/wiki/Map

View Video Settings
ffprobe noisy_audio.mov
Extract Audio Track as WAV Format
ffmpeg -i noisy_audio.wav

Modify audio file in software like Audacity. In my case, I added a reverb to the whole file.

Create a New Movie with Original Video and Newly Edited Audio
ffmpeg -i noisy_audio.mov -i noisy_audio_reverb.wav -vcodec copy -map 0:v:0 -map 1:a:0 -acodec aac noisy_audio_reverb.mp4