Cleaning a Paint Brush (water based paint) with Super Clean

Super Clean (Amazon Affiliate)US: Walmart: (Walmart Affiliate) Find Super Clean Locally: Red Devil 4058 Paint Brush and Roller Cleaner (Amazon Affiliate)US: Purdy Brush Comb (Amazon Affiliate)US:

Dull Circular Saw Blade Under USB Microscope

The USB microscope I used in the video is no longer available. It was a 60x-250x model. You can find similar models on Amazon. USB Microscopes (Amazon Affiliate)US:

Power Outage Preparedness Tips

August 10th 2020 Derecho Storm Des Moines, Iowa: Ryobi P781 Area Light: Ryobi P3320 Fan: Ryobi P519 Reciprocating Saw: The power bank in the video is no longer available. This is a smaller one: Dizaul Waterproof Solar Charger Power Bank 5000 mAh (Amazon Affiliate)US: These are some larger models (Amazon Affiliate)US: Vnina USB Rechargeable LED […]