Enabling Automatic Unattended Updates on Lightsail Ubuntu Instance (Running WordPress)

WordPress/AWS Lightsail Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLErU2HjQZ_ZMbDcpXu5EcR4yOkHFh_l7F Open Unattended-upgrades Config for Editing Uncomment These Lines and set to “true” Uncomment this to Enable All Updates (Security Updates are Default) Open Config for Auto-upgrade Config for Editing Add These Lines Check Configuration Changes

Adding Swap to an AWS Lightsail Ubuntu Instance (running WordPress on NGINX)

Installing WordPress on AWS Lightsail Using NGINX (including Let’s Encrypt TLS/SSL): https://youtu.be/PqIQVbErHus Getting an A+ Rating on Qualys SSL Test for WordPress Install Running on NGINX: https://youtu.be/rvaGJV3Twr8 Check Swap Status Check Drive Capacity Allocate Swap File Space on Drive Change Permissions of Swap File Check Swap File Size and Permissions Make Swap File Enable Swap […]

Installing WordPress on a Synology VM Using Nginx

Download Ubuntu Minimal CD: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD Install SSH server Update Server Install Packages Setup MySQL Answer Y to all Tune MySQL for Lower Memory Create Self Signed Certificate Create Nginx Config Activate New Nginx Config Remove Default Nginx Config Turn Off Server Identifcation Check nginx config Setup Database Restart Services Install WordPress Configure WordPress Replace keys […]