Installing FFmpeg on macOS Catalina (without Macports)

FFmpeg download*:

* This is a different download site from the video. It looks like you now have to download the individual components (ffmpeg, ffplay, ffprobe) separately.

Installing FFmpeg on a Mac (without Macports):

Installing Macports (including FFmpeg):

FFmpeg playlist:

Go to Downloads Folder
cd ~/Downloads
Enter FFmpeg Folder
cd ffmpeg*
Enter Binaries Folder
cd bin
List Files
Check is /usr/local/bin
ls /usr/local/bin
Create /usr/local/bin (if it doesn’t exist)
sudo mkdir -p /usr/local/bin
Copy Binaries to /usr/local/bin
sudo cp ff* /usr/local/bin
Run ffmpeg, ffprobe, ffplay
Check PATH (if ffmpeg didn’t work)
echo $PATH
Go to Home Directory
Add /usr/local/bin to PATH (if needed)
touch ~/.zshrc
open -e ~/.zshrc
Contents of .zshrc File
Load .zshrc Immediately
source .zshrc
Check Shell (if you are having trouble)
echo $SHELL

If you get “/bin/bash”, see these instructions.

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