2015 Cree LED Filament Tower vs 4Flow Comparison

In this video I compare the previous generation “Filament Tower” LED bulb to the new “4Flow” LED bulb. Filament Tower:https://www.homedepot.com/p/Cree-60W-Equivalent-Soft-White-2700K-A19-Dimmable-LED-Light-Bulb-BA19-08027OMF-12DE26-2U100/204592770 4Flow:https://www.homedepot.com/p/Cree-60W-Equivalent-Soft-White-2700K-A19-Dimmable-LED-Light-Bulb-with-4Flow-Filament-Design-BA19-08027OMF-12DE26-3U100/205597078

Christmas Tree Light Dimmer in a Christmas Present

https://youtu.be/mJy1VLC6l0wDimming incandescent Christmas light bulbs, even just a little, will make them last a lot longer. In this video, I go over creating a Christmas present enclosure and putting a dimming circuit in it. This video is not a tutorial on woodworking or electrical wiring. Please look to other resources for proper woodworking and electrical …