Clearing Snow with EGO Power+ 530CFM Blower

In this video I clear some light snow from my driveway using an EGO Power+ 530CFM Blower. This blower uses a 56V lithium battery 2.5Ah and a brushless motor. Unboxing of this blower: EGO Power+ Snowblower: EGO Playlist:

Overview of Kreg In-Line Clamp and Bench Dogs

In this video I look at the Kreg In-Line clamps and Kreg Bench Dogs in the Festool MFT/3 table. Kreg In-Line Clamps (KBCIC) (Amazon Affiliate)US: Kreg Bench Dogs (KKS1070) (Amazon Affiliate)US:

How much does it cost to mow with an EGO Power+ Battery Powered Mower?

In this video, I monitor the charge of an EGO Power Plus lawnmower with a Kill-a-watt power meter to determine how much is costs to charge the battery. The battery is a 7.5Ah model. EGO Playlist:

Unboxing of the EGO Power+ Battery Powered Blower and comparison to 18V Blower

This video is an unboxing of the EGO Power+ Blower with one 56 Volt Lithium-Ion 2.5Ah Battery. I also compare this with a Ryobi (P2102) 18V blower. The EGO is 530 CFM and the Ryobi is 120 CFM. These blowers aren’t in the same class but I am doing this comparison for those who are …